PGFA_Patti Gilford

Patti Gilford is the founder of Patti Gilford Fine Arts (*PGFA*). She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and
has over 35 years of experience as a working artist, gallery director, and art advisor to major corporations, public institutions,
and individuals.

PGFA has been advising clients on their art acquisitions for over 35 years. We collaborate with architects and designers to create distinctive corporate art programs and with astute individuals to build memorable collections. Our purpose is to listen and educate. PGFA takes pride in forming partnerships with our clients. Our programming is intelligent - accurately reflecting the philosophies of our clients while honoring the aesthetics of each environment. Our talent for contextualizing art in space is a defining skill.

PGFA's wealth of experience includes helping clients consider, select, procure, install, refit, and de-accession a wide range of artworks. We are experienced in 20th century, contemporary, and emerging markets including painting, photography, sculpture, prints, fiber art, and new media. We also guide our clients through the challenging process of commissioning site specific works.

The integrity of each piece we consider is paramount. Our rigorous editing process and ability to make critical assessments distinguishes us. We cull our resources from an extensive array of national and international venues. Our history has provided us the opportunity for close working relationships and important access within the industry. Equally important, we understand and are skilled in the business of art.

PGFA is WBE (Women Business Enterprise) certified by the City of Chicago, a member of the APAA (Association of Professional Art Advisors) and a member of ArtTable.